Accueil Forestière Macenta : les manifestants sont-ils satisfaits de leur revendication ?

Macenta : les manifestants sont-ils satisfaits de leur revendication ?


The demonstrations are finally successful.

After several weeks of protest against the lack of road infrastructure in Macenta, the President of the Republic heard from this prefecture.

Through a statement read on the airwaves of the state media, Alpha Condé promised twenty kilometers of tar for this city, explains Djakouba Cherif is the coordinator of the Conscious Generation movement. We have suspended the demonstration because we have a little gain of cause. We went out into the streets so that the roads of Macenta were asphalted and luckily we were heard by the president and in a good way, that is to say, by saying that Macenta will have twenty kilometers of tar ”

as always the same person, the current realities on the ground are not trusted sources, he also denounced the poor state of these machines in the field. As of today, the works are stopped by what machines that have not come up to the task, the machines have not been working for two years” he left

  • This is why, moreover, the Conscious Generation movement is alerting the authorities, if nothing is done about it. The next few days, they will reinvest in the streets again. The pace in which we see them is not really satisfactory. So in a while if nothing is done, we will take to the streets again to get the president’s attention again. And our slogan remains always maintained” We want tar in Macenta “” specifies Djakouba Cherif 

It remains to be seen whether this work will continue to curb the series of demonstrations in this prefecture.

Kaba Kanté 622/77/45/95



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